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The InnerSpark Membership

Your InnerSpark Membership includes:

Monthly Theme and Lesson:
This monthly membership is a living experience of Nature’s wisdom, to bring greater wholeness, ease, simplicity, magic, clarity, health, and joy to your life! Aside from our gatherings and shared virtual community space, each month brings a fresh lesson on some aspect of the archetype of The Mother currently represented by the season. From Shadow Work to meditation, holistic nutrition to herbs, menstrual health to inner child play, these topics will bring you tools and insights to practice self-awareness and create the life you most desire on an ongoing basis! While we can certainly practice any of the aforementioned resources at any time of year, by intentionally pairing them with the corresponding season and archetype, our efforts are more fruitful. These will be released in the portal and could be in the form of video, audio, and/or written materials.

Monthly Healing Circles:
The intention of these 75-minute monthly circles is threefold. First, as sensitive souls, it can feel challenging to find true, aligned community and to feel safe to engage in it if we do! This is safe, sacred space to share what’s alive for you in the moment and how the month’s teachings have served you. We’ll notice themes among the group as we draw the connections with what’s happening seasonally and cosmically. Next, it’s an opportunity to receive additional mentoring and clarification on the month’s teachings. Finally, we’ll always have a shared experience of some kind, based on the needs of the group. This could be in the form of seasonally aligned breath and movement practices, meditation, energy healing, creative explorations, and more. Allow the power of the group’s energy and collective efforts to provide healing and support as you witness and are witnessed.

Seasonal Guide + Journey:
We’re guided by InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, which represents the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother as Nature spirals through each year. At each of the eight seasonal changes per year, you’re invited to pause, notice, and align with the shifts occurring within you and around you. A pre-recorded embodied ritual and special seasonal guide with journal prompts, recipes, suggested practices, and more to work with throughout each of the eight seasons will be released at each of the seasons.

Private Portal:
We gather (AWAY from social media) in a private portal, for discussion and sharing that also includes exclusive resources such as guided meditations, sound healings, and more.

Optional Add-on: Personalized Support

Members also have the option of adding personalized support each month with a powerful, private, 1-hour Individual Coaching Session with Devon to support your process more deeply and directly, plus a custom flower essence formula crafted just for you and mailed to you each month.

InnerSpark Membership With Optional Personalized Support
Includes all of the above plus:

Individual Sessions
Each one-on-one session begins with a grounding and you choosing the focus of our time together. I will deeply listen with my whole being, offer reflections, and powerful questions, and we may also use any of a variety of tools, methods, and modalities for further self-inquiry and insight.

Together we look at what may feel challenging, impossible, stuck, confusing, etc., and gently massage out your omnipresent wisdom, confidence, and clarity so that you feel empowered and able to confidently move forward.

We will co-create sustainable, calculated, yet intuitively-led change from the inside out to support your visions and goals. And guess what? It gets to be fun!

Drawing on my training background and various areas of expertise, I can put on my consulting hat if/when specific input or answers to questions regarding an action step, learning and implementing a new resource, etc. is necessary. Learn more about me and my background here.

Flower Essence Formula
A custom flower essence formula is specially crafted and mailed to you each month to enhance the work we’re doing together. As my most favorite modality, I have witnessed firsthand the profound healing and rapid changes that come from incorporating this energetic healing resource into our lives. Learn more about flower essences here.

The InnerSpark Membership Monthly Investment

The combination of the group aspect and the methods and tools I’ve cultivated just for us highly sensitive souls is truly a formula for that peace, joy, health, and all-around magic you’ve been seeking. Every aspect of this membership is thoughtfully and purposefully crafted in service to the deep nourishment and activation of the emerging highly sensitive soul.

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